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Lori J. O'Neil

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About the Author:

The Lord called me to write in the early 80’s. But it has taken me nearly forty years to be the vessel He could use. My relationship with the Lord began when I was around nine. We talked back and forth all the time and I never gave it much thought; it just seemed natural to me. But in my early twenties I developed a deep hunger to know more of Him.

 One day, while resting on my bed, Jesus, entered my room. The room so filled with the Glory of the Lord that I could not look up. He spoke in an audible voice and said, “Ask Me into your heart.” I told Him I had already done that, and to this, He replied, “Ask Me again.” When I did, a great weight pressed down upon me and then it lifted and the brilliance of Glory was gone. I remember running to the mirror to see if I looked different, remembering that Moses’ face had shone when he came back from being in the Presence of the Lord. I don’t recall looking different, but I certainly was. My life was never to be the same again.

From there He led me in a series of steps that introduced me to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Finally, my heart, that for years had been crying out for more, was satisfied. The Bible opened up to me with new understanding; my faith grew, amazing answers to prayer and miracles were happening everywhere I turned.

 It was during this lively time that the Lord asked me to write a journal. I obeyed for a time, eager to please, but it soon fell away with the cares of life. I seriously regret that I stopped. Some years later He asked me to write a blog. I didn’t have the first clue how to do that, but agreed, and within two days He had someone approach me who initiated a conversation about a blog. From that conversation, I learned how to begin. I delighted in that blog; I was finally doing what I was called to do and my relationship with the Lord deepened.

 The messages come through my spirit, not my head. I don’t think when I am writing and I can’t really explain it, but it just pours through my spirit, writing as fast as I can. If I start to think, I stop writing and pray. I usually receive a message in five or ten minutes and then go back and read what He wrote, always amazed and thankful. There have been a few times that He has used a word I haven’t even heard before, but then google confirms that it is exactly right :)

The summer before we learned my husband was sick, the Presence of the Lord came to me again. This time He didn’t speak audibly, but His Presence was like a weighty cloud and the words so clear, as if it had been. He told me that He wanted me to come up higher. He said He needed my permission, and that I must count the cost for it would be very, very, very hard. He then asked me to take communion. I agreed, eager for anything He might suggest, but I had no idea just how terribly hard it could be. No, He didn’t make my husband sick, but after he died, I went through an intense four-year shake down that burned me down to bare foundation. It was out of that, that this book was birthed.

 I had agreed to write it in the fall of 2014, but was soon caught up in the battle of my life. Now exactly five years later I am finally completing His request. Sometimes, while in the fire, it becomes so hot and so unbearable that it would seem to be easier not to come through at all. Those are the times you must push past, rely on His strength, and don’t give up.  For out of the fire comes gold—you are refined to become the vessel of honor for the Master’s use. You see, it is not our honor we seek, but the honor of the One who makes us! He builds into us a vessel to pour, but it is of Him that we pour—It’s all about Him. These books are all Him, and yet, He made them all about YOU. For it is for you He speaks and I am thankful to be a vessel for His use.  I hope you enjoy reading what He has to say to you, as I am so happy to have a part in your process. Your process in becoming a vessel of honor!



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