About the Author and Illustrator:

Charles has been illustrating from the early age of 10. As a young man, he would climb to

the top of a tall pine tree in his backyard. With his pencil and pad in hand, he would sketch the objects around him. The Lord’s gift of illustration has followed him throughout his life. During his high school years, he was blessed by displaying much of his wildlife illustrations in the school’s display case. God continued to increase his drawing abilities and has now moved him into writing and illustrating children’s books.

His Love of God, Family, two fluffy dogs and nature has given him a mind full of imagination. Charles is inspired by the works of
Charles M. Schulz and Norman Rockwell.


He enjoys spending time camping, hunting and fishing with his boys.

Charles strives to bestow God's principles in every book he writes, showing children God’s character through the stories he writes

and illustrates.

Hank and the Friendly Bush
NEWHank and the Friendly Bush_Book 1.png
Book 1


Hank is always learning something new on Cheery Heart Lane. Come along and see what new adventures awaits him in

Book 1 - Hank and the Friendly Bush.

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The Day at the Golf Course
The Day at the Golf Course Web_Cover.jpg
Book 3


It’s a beautiful day on Cheery Heart Lane. Hank is on another exciting adventure with Rufus by his side. The town golf course is busy with golfers and Mr. Grouse is one of them. Hank and Rufus decide that they are going to help Mr. Grouse with his golf game. Come and read all about their adventure in

“The Day at the Golf Course.”

This is the third book in the Hank’s Adventure Series.

Book 3 - The Day at the Golf Course

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Hank and the Tail of Rufus
Book 2


It is a cool October day on Cheery Heart Lane and Hank is out enjoying the autumn air. The leaves are now turning a bright shade of red, yellow and orange and the wind is becoming colder. Hank is on a new adventure when he runs into Rufus the mouse.

This is the second book in the Hank’s Adventure Series.

Book 2 - Hank and the Tail of Rufus.

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The Hidden Path
The Hidden Path Web_Cover.jpg
Book 4


This adventure takes place when Hank decides to go on

a journey much further then he had ever gone before.

His friend Rufus is along for the ride.


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