tom nesbary


One Thousand And Beyond


Have you ever thought about what the 1,000 years that satan is bound might be like? I did - so I wrote a story of what it might be like. It’s a fictional story but based on Biblical references.

I invite you to follow the adventure as one of the main characters tells his nephew, Jonathan, of how it used to be in the beginning of the fictional 1,000 years. 

The main characters include Apollyon, the antichrist, the mystery man that is his false prophet; Joel Bernstein, the journalist that is sharing the story to his nephew; Elizabeth Atkinson, a political analyst; and Strength, Joel’s guardian angel.

The story takes the reader out of a period of starvation, distraction, and death into a near-perfect world of peace, prosperity, and well-being ruled by Jesus Christ, the King of kings. After one final rebellion of satan, who has been released out of the bottom pit along with unregenerate mankind, God destroys them completely. The reader is taken into the eternal state where all things become new and righteousness reigns supreme forever.

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