steve and betty bishop


Keys to Defeating The Gates Of Hell

Have you ever wondered where the Gates of Hell are located? The ones Jesus was talking about in Matthew 16. I wondered that myself, so I took it before the Lord. This book shares with you the revelation given to me by the Lord. It gives you a very good description of where and what the gates of hell are and how to destroy them.


I’ll share with you how your emotions (soul) play a part in all of it. How holding onto grudges or unforgiveness keeps those gates wide open. We don’t always want to hear that we have something to do with our lives not turning out like we want them to or thought they would, but that is exactly what we all need to hear.


My wife and I have seen the effects of all these things resulting in church splits and the defeat of other congregations. It doesn’t have to be that way!


Some of our experiences are shared in these pages. Be the reason for a congregation growing not dissolving or splitting apart.

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