Nothing is Impossible

When Emily Layton experienced what most would consider a “life-changing event”, she watches helplessly as all of her dreams for the future are rudely snatched from her grasp. In a fog, she picks up the pieces of what remains of her life and begins the overwhelming task of starting over.

Everyone around her tells her to move on, but in her heart, she believes that somehow circumstances can turn around. Alone in the hope that what seems impossible can be reversed, Emily reaches beyond what is evident to her senses to an invisible hope.

What she failed to recognize is that there are forces working against her determined to not only to prevent her from realizing her dream, but those forces are bent on her total destruction. How can anyone secure his dream and his deepest desires when the forces railed against him are so numerous and powerful?

Are we all victims of circumstances beyond our control or is there a place in the fifth dimension where nothing is impossible?


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