On the Road to Freedom is a guide along the path of becoming the person God has for you to be. We know that God has a plan for each of us. Walking out that plan is another matter when multiple hurts or repeated disappointments have caused you to stumble along the way or simply given up. No matter what has gone on in the past, God is faithful to help us be free from it. Let this book become that spark to “see” again, the encouragement to dream again, and the fuel that enables you to move forward step by step into your Creator’s destiny of true freedom. Your future is bright; you are worth the journey to get there.

The book can be used for your personal study or as a tool in a Bible study group.


Cindy Neathery is presenting you with a book that will lead you step-by-step from any bondage into freedom, a road to the life planned by the Creator of the universe, just for you! In each chapter of On the Road to Freedom, you will read her personal story of the path she has jour­neyed with God as He brought healing and freedom into her life.


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