This is a story about a little yellow dog named Hank and his adventures on Cheery Heart Lane. Cheery Heart Lane is full of interesting characters and unforeseen adventures. On one perfect Saturday, Hank and his not-so-friendly mouse companion are taken back by the wonder of a green bush. The bush is alive and Hank, a loving and curious pup, wants to become it’s best friend. He does everything he can to persuade the bush to like him too, but nothing seems to work! Will Hank solve the mystery of the green bush? Will he make a new friend? Will the bush turn over a new leaf? Does the mouse even care? Come and discover the joy of living on Cheery Heart Lane, in “HANK AND THE FRIENDLY BUSH,” the first book of Adventures of Hank and Friends Series.

Hank and the Friendly Bush - Book 1


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