Are you ready to get unstuck and move forward in life?
Are you ready to let go of the BS (Bogus Story)?
This timely and heartfelt handbook on Forgiveness & Freedom is a Classic
Must Read for Anyone Ready to Let Go and Grow!
Are you ready to let go of what’s blocking your blessings and breakthrough?
Are you ready to experience greater peace, healing & growth?
Are you ready for the next level of You?

Through personal stories and life lessons, Doris Bell Lang passionately shares the
breakthrough steps necessary to experience Heart Forgiveness and True
Freedom. Each chapter takes you one step closer towards healing, freedom, and
encountering the love of the Father. Whether forgiveness is for yourself or
someone else, the pages of this book have the breakthrough information and
heart message you’ve been looking for. It has the answer you’ve been needing.

True Heart Forgiveness


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