Vivian miller

About the Author:

From the time I learned to read, I spent hours of leisure time losing myself in the lives of fictional characters. By the time I was nine, I had read many of the classics my mother had purchased for herself, but had never taken the time to read. At the age of ten, I began writing short stories. 

When I became a wife and mother, I read to my son often; but began telling impromptu bedtime stories rather than reading the stories other people had written. It wasn’t until my husband gave me a voice- activated tape recorder that it even occurred to me that I should keep a record of the story lines that came to me.

These days the stories seem to write themselves. I know now that the characters and the plots come from the Spirit of the Living God. When I sit in front of my computer, the plot plays out in my imagination and I merely put words to the story that unfolds.


All of us have faced difficult moments and challenges in our lives; some of us have had more than our share. It is my hope that as you read the stories I have

been given, you will be encouraged to look at your personal challenges as stepping stones to life at a higher level and recognize that with God, all things are possible.

These days I am busy with my characters, my family and my feline best friend, Zoe.

Happy Reading!





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